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About Us

Founder Member of Anand Education Society

Director - Mr. Daulatrao Punwatkar


" In persuits of happiness" we are what we repeatedly do , so excellence is not an act but an habbit" Aristotle. In my vision it is very important that both boy and girl should get educated equivalently. Thus Education play a vital role in both the genders.we are here on this earth for a certain period of time we might as well spend our time with certain aesthetic qualities about the way we do it rather than leaving plastic and garbage for the coming generations. why in the 21st century gender biased happening into the psychology of people?. people always suffer of the caste system right but the biggest caste system has always between the man and the women.It has always been the case and I in fact I my real life read about women thinkers and philosophers from Indian history because I think in the 21st century still it's fascinating that we are in 2019 but every time we talk about education we talk about Men, Men and Men where are the women.In education field there are the greatest women we just need to find them.now that the girls are here in the work place we just have to make space for them.And I think you know as increasingly time passes the newer generations are coming in a much more educated much more attuned and understands the importance of a fairer society.you know its how partly educate our girls often now of course is changing but I remember in my childhood girls were always taught too not only say study but too think actively as girls you know a boy never taught to think like a boy you can be what you are but girls as always constantly think at the back of voice at the back of his head ohh I am a girl can I do this.ohh I am a girl can I do that.it is kind of social engineering.it social engineering of the mind that we need to change that is a long term process happen and that will happen through education and greater reading greater awareness and greater exposure to the rest of the world and again to the past because I say do females icons in the past whi always broke through make bastion who stood up and said things which are inconvininent in their own day and time and i think the more we highlight that aspect the women also realize hold on why we should hold back in that sense.any place you go no matter how advanced it is,how advanced they claim to be.there still remains a gap as far gender is concerned .gender remains a elephant In the Room which has not been properly addressed fully.i think now women needs to walk in and claim that place for themselves and that confidence will make sure that they hold on too thatt space and continued to inspire others women as well and boy.i don't see why only women inspire women their us plenty to learn to women from men as well in fact toxic masculinity more than crisis with feminity is something we need to address.and lastly "let girls grow" we will have more beautiful world If all girls and girls are half the world are allowed to grow their talents their geniuses it is not a question at all nobody is higher and nobody is lower.let womens grow they are the future.


Principal - Mr. Shubham Punwatkar


Hello, This Is Shubham D. Punwatkar, I'm Proudly say that I am one of the youngest principles in the field of education merely at the age of 25 I achieved this Position. I comes with an rich experience of 5 radical years in the field of Academics with English and Political Science as My core subjects. My career spanned over a considerable period in various capacities with various milestones to my credit after completing my BA in English literature from Saint Francis De Sales college Nagpur University of Maharashtra in 2017. I completed My post Graduation in English Literature and later completed my post graduation in English literature respectively from Nagpur campus university (RTMNU). Born into the family of Teachers and has adopted deep attitude and love for Children's and respecting human lives and empowering and motivating people around very early in life. In my vision parents makes a lots of mistakes in bringing up childrens and that's why the psychology of a child plays a vital role in education.The major mistakes in bringing up children are many, but I will talk only about the few important mistake. first: The idea that they belong to you. They come through you but the don't belong to you. They are not your possessions. Out of this idea of possessiveness many arise. Once you started thinging that they are your possessions, you have reduced them into things, because only things can be possessed not human beings. It is the ugliest things can do. And those poor people are so helpless, so dependent on you cannot rebel. They accept whatever your idea is so please let your child live is life. Thank you.

Governing Body of Anand Education Society

Members- Anand Education Society

Anand Education Society

Wakilpeth, Nagpur

Governing Body

Mr. H.S. Gaikwad President
Mr. Daulat B. Punwatkar Director
Mr. Avinash Badwaik Joint-Secretory
Mr. Nitin Narnavare Member
Mr. Shivraj Khobragade Member
Mr. Umeshchandra Sukhdeve Member



The Mission of Anand Public School is to Provide Each Student a diverse Education in a Safe, Supportive Environment that Promotes Self-Discipline, Motivation and Excellence in Learning. The school team joins the Parents and community to assist the Students in developing Skills to become independent and Self-Sufficient adult who will Succeed and Contribute Responsibility in a Global Community.

The faculty of Anand Public School felt that a Clean Mission Statement would Facilitate making decisions that supported middle level students. The statement it revuewed and revised Periodically.



When God Give VISION...
He Also Gives PROVISION...

We believe that a Happy Child is a Successful One. We are committed to providing a Positive, Safe and Stimulating Environment for children to Learn, where all are valued. We intend that all children should enjoy their learning, achieved their potential and become independent Lifelong Learners. Our Early Learning Centre exists to Provide a Safe, Developmentally, Inclusive Environment for PRE-SCHOOL, KINDER-GARDEN & School age Childrens.
Educating all Students to Achieve Tommorow in a Global Community & Economy.



  • We helps students to develop thinking and enquiring mind with the spirit of technology.
  • Be able to work independently, collaboratively and enthusiastically.
  • The ability to work as a part of team and developing a warm. hearted emotional connection with everyone.
  • The student shall develop and maintain self control, respect for others and social behaviour.
  • Adopting a caring attitude towards others which leds to everyone feeling and belief being respected.
  • To maintain and extend the academic excellence of the School.

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